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Next Level Obedience

I am an independent dog trainer specializing in obedience both in the competition ring and at home. Whether it’s for basic manners or for more complex behavioral issues, I can help! I focus not only on training dogs, but also on teaching owners how to effectively communicate with them.


At Next Level Obedience, all training happens one on one with you and your dog, whether it's basic puppy manners or tougher issues like reactivity, fear, or aggression. I am here to help YOU communicate with YOUR dog no matter what situation you find yourselves in.


Obedience & Manners

All Dogs Need a Good Foundation

Work on everyday skills like stays, recalls, and loose-leash walking, with troubleshooting and tips individually tailored for you and your dog.


The Perfect Puppy Package

Life Skills for Puppies
Under 20 Weeks Old

Did you know? The first 20 weeks are the most important time of a puppy's life. Learn how to raise a balanced, healthy puppy and get advice for all the questions along the way.

Black Dog

Aggressive? Reactive? Afraid? Hyperactive?

Personalized Sessions Suited to You and Your Dog

If you are struggling with a big issue (your dog just can't walk on a leash, your dog barks and growls at visitors, your dog is scared of the neighbors) I can help you find the heart of the problem and work through it.


About the Trainer

My name is Abigail Lewis, and I love dogs! Over the last several years, that love has evolved into a passion for seeing dogs and owners learn to communicate with each other and live their best lives together.

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