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About Next Level Obedience

My name is Abigail Lewis, and I love dogs! Over the last several years, that love has evolved into a passion for seeing dogs and owners learn to communicate with each other and live their best lives together. I believe all dogs benefit from obedience training, and even tough cases can be worked through using obedience skills.  Obedience helps dogs to refocus, think through their actions, and trust and respect their humans, which reduces or eliminates most behavioral problems.

Before I struck out on my own, I worked in multiple kennel locations helping with group training, with grooming dogs, and in group play and doggie daycare.  Now every day I get to help dog owners learn to work with their dogs and develop their dogs' obedience. I'm not really training your dog; I'm training you how to train your dog!

Personally, I own a Vizsla who is my pride and joy. Together we compete and have earned several titles in AKC obedience, rally, and agility. (Obedience is my favorite; agility is her favorite.) When I'm not working with client dogs, I'm probably practicing with her or researching tips and tricks for teaching her new competition skills.

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