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Services & Pricing

All my training is one-on-one in-home training so that I can customize sessions to you and your dog. Yes, this means I come to your house to work with you and your dog on whatever training you need! I am based in Sycamore, IL and travel up to 30 minutes. If you live outside that radius and would like to travel to me, contact me and we can discuss best options.

Before I do any training, I offer a free 30 minute consult to meet you and your dog and understand your training goals. Below are some of my common packages. If you don't see the training you think you need, contact me and I will work with you however I can!


Obedience and Manners

All dogs can benefit from obedience training, no matter their age or other experience. Learn how to teach your dog skills such as stays, recalls, loose-leash walking, leave it, and wait. Then, translate those simple skills into remarkable front door manners, car manners, and off leash manners.  These sessions are ideal if you have a young dog, an excitable dog, a dog who needs extra mental stimulation in his life, or a dog that you want to spend more quality time with.

Free consult (30 mins) + 8 weekly sessions (45 mins each): $475

Just need a refresher? Individual sessions (45 mins) $65 each


Perfect Puppy Package

Thinking about getting a puppy? Did you know the first 20 weeks are the most important time of a dog's life? Give your puppy the best foundation you can with basic manners and exposure to dozens of positive new experiences.  Learn the true meaning of socialization, tackle crate training and potty training, and teach your puppy skills that will shape the rest of her life.  This package comes with 1 session (1 hr) pre-puppy to talk through the puppy's first few months and 6 sessions (30 mins each) of training with your pup.

Puppy package: $350

Already have your puppy? Call me and we'll discuss what your puppy needs most based on age and development.


Individualized Sessions

If your dog has a problem area that you can already pinpoint, let's start our training there! Contact me to discuss your needs and issues and I will build a personalized training plan just for you.  Don't forget, change happens over time . . . and your dog will only change if you help him every step of the way.

Free consult (30 mins) + 8 weekly sessions (45 mins each): $475

Single sessions (45 mins): $65 each

photo credit: Dani Joy Photography

photo credit: Dani Joy Photography

Pup in the Picture!

Who doesn't want their dog in the family photo? I'm now offering an extra fun package all about helping your dog pose beautifully and mind his manners during the photo shoot.  Included in this package: 3 training sessions (45 mins) prior to the photo shoot & assistance managing your dog during the shoot (up to 1 hr.)  Bring your own photographer -- I'm just the trainer!

Photo package: $250

Already a client? Contact me to discuss pricing.

Services & Pricing: Services
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